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  • Pursuit 29-12-2021
  • -3 Rating:
  • D K Name:
Caller claimed I’d cut him up in my car and threatened to come to my house . Said he got my details from my vehicle ref plate . Then said it was my neighbour, Sounded a bit electronic the voice on the call and he wouldn’t give me my vehicle registration number . Could of been a call that actually ends up costing me money just for answering possibly .
  • Pursuit 06-12-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Pawel Name:
Robot voice lie about my bank operating want me to put number on keyboard . Dangerous? I think so .
  • Pursuit 05-10-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Daniel Roger St Name:
Recognised crimimal
  • Pursuit 24-09-2021
  • 5 Rating:
  • Steve Name:
whoever has this number is bastard who keeps on calling me every second day, harassing me over a year .
  • Pursuit 17-09-2021
  • -1 Rating:
  • SLAP Name:
The owner of that phone number is pretending to be someone .
  • Pursuit 08-09-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Anonymous Name:
Very abusive .
  • Pursuit 27-08-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Joan Name:
The person phoned asked me to add their number to my contacts . I asked who it was but they did not tell me then sent me 4 or 5 messages on watts app had to block the number and deleted the next four messages without reading them this was really odd
  • Pursuit 18-08-2021
  • -1 Rating:
  • Mike Name:
  • Pursuit 29-07-2021
  • 5 Rating:
  • Johanna Name:
i requiere conect
  • Pursuit 23-07-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Elya Name:
I get called frequently from this and some other numbers (probably some kind of call center with marketing phone calls) .
  • Pursuit 18-07-2021
  • 3 Rating:
  • Lesley Giggins Name:
Keeps texting mobile with the message that I have a new voicemail with a webpage address for me to pick it up from . Each webpage so far has been different and a bit strange, Have deleted all, without opening . But, am curious as to how they have my number ; who they are and what they want, apart from the obvious and what i can doe to stop them filling my messages with their trash .
  • Pursuit 14-07-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Sally Name:
Selling Crypto Currency
  • Pursuit 22-06-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Dave P Name:
Pushy Power Salesman calling Random numbers
  • Pursuit 14-06-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • h Gestel Name:
Threatening to pursue legal action based on illegal activities on welsh northern border! Never been there!
  • Pursuit 14-06-2021
  • -4 Rating:
  • Juan Pérez Name:
Este número es extorsionista 442086381164 ladrón
  • Pursuit 10-05-2021
  • 0 Rating:
  • Antanas Name:
Why i\'m getting info about delivery i did\'t ask from this phone No? And request to visit a site, which is described as deceptive - www . planaweb . com . br ?? thank you
  • Pursuit 21-04-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • heather davidso Name:
NI arrest call
  • Pursuit 21-04-2021
  • 0 Rating:
  • RFO Name:
A pain in the neck . Call every day at 08h30 . Maybe a robot
  • Pursuit 10-04-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Joan Ellis/Davi Name:
no idea rings every day about 3.15pm no message last 4 digits of number always different, this is the 9th call
  • Pursuit 08-04-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Joan Ellis Name:
this is the 8th London number all with the last 4 digits different I wish that they would stop no message is left it rings twice and then stops is a darn nuisence.
  • Pursuit 31-03-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Joan Ellis Name:
telemarketing company a blooming pain in the rump
  • Pursuit 25-03-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Batman Name:
Threatening text msgs and possible drug dealer
  • Pursuit 19-03-2021
  • -4 Rating:
  • Sue Name:
Its about HMR tax do or that needs to be fixed. However the tax office in the uk always use text or even post a letter so this is really strange
  • Pursuit 12-03-2021
  • -3 Rating:
  • Annie Name:
Just received a suspicious call (automatic voicemail) threatening me to cancel my NI number and to pursue me
  • Pursuit 04-03-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • John Draves Name:
Strange recorded message. Very quikly said it was from goverment customs, North American accent. (do not now which goverment), and I had to press 1 or would be arrested shortly. The message did not mention my name or any details. Number that called: +44 784 8541 394
  • Pursuit 01-03-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Collins Name:
Keep on calling no one answers! Maybe they want your data.
  • Pursuit 23-02-2021
  • -3 Rating:
  • Tom Name:
About an account I haven't got with a company I've never heard of
  • Pursuit 28-01-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Sem Name:
Noiosi come la merda
  • Pursuit 22-01-2021
  • -4 Rating:
  • Antonio Macaren Name:
+447935645225 ... Few days ago contacted me on whatsapp saying that I have stolen his father's number, asking me for my personal informations. I said i will report to the police and started to insulte me. Now i received sms saying the same ... "you have stolen my father's number" = P.S. - I bought the number in one pack with one phone from Argos. So ... legal ... the number is mine
  • Pursuit 22-01-2021
  • -5 Rating:
  • Antonio Macaren Name:
+447935645225 ... Few days ago contacted me on whatsapp saying that I have stolen his father's number, asking me for my personal informations. I said i will report to the police and started to insulte me. Now i received sms saying the same ... "you have stolen his father's number" P.S. - I bought the number in one pack with phone from Argos. So ... legal ... the number is mine
  • Pursuit 13-12-2020
  • 5 Rating:
  • 07904375593 Name:
This number i need to find out whos behind it submitted by callum Allen
  • Pursuit 13-12-2020
  • 5 Rating:
  • Callum allen Name:
Hes avoided one of my business partners and refused payment i just need a name of the person behind the number its a different one to what we contacted to get ahold of him at first, old number was blocked and we was given this one to try reach the person but he's using different names. Could someone find out who it really is (could be a scammer too)
  • Pursuit 11-12-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • E Stromsoe Name:
Repetitive calls seemingly with no objective
  • Pursuit 03-12-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Spike Name:
Accident scam
  • Pursuit 16-11-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Anna Name:
Phishing call re blame / claim car accident...which never happened.
  • Pursuit 01-11-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Steve. Name:
Nuisance call
  • Pursuit 22-10-2020
  • 5 Rating:
  • teewejhgjkhg Name:
dfsg dfgdgf
  • Pursuit 06-09-2020
  • 0 Rating:
  • Ian Name:
Hi can anybody help me find out the name of a mobile phone number user please Thanks
  • Pursuit 25-08-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Mother Name:
Drug dealer Devon area , white or dark. Ringing random numbers offering drugs?!. Dumb arse!
  • Pursuit 13-07-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Michele Longhur Name:
This automated person was phishing and tried to call me today about me being involved in an accident.
  • Pursuit 20-05-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • HCS Name:
Constant calling. Automated then ask about your car accident. Need to block.
  • Pursuit 14-05-2020
  • -2 Rating:
  • James Conway Name:
This is a new number, but for the same group of people that keep calling asking for investments. It's very dodgy.
  • Pursuit 01-05-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • George Name:
Pre-recorded voice saying that they have heard you have recently been in a car accident, then redirected to a real person
  • Pursuit 07-04-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Stefan Lutz Name:
Call Center, has many Numbers and is really annoying. Usualy this Center calls two times in a row, than one time with a different number than two zimes again, with the first number, if ignored or denied. If answered, a guy with a magnificent indian accent with the usual names ask something about your wealth and financial situation.
  • Pursuit 13-02-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Herman Name:
Is Facebook number for a two step verification.
  • Pursuit 31-01-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Amy Name:
This person has been harassing my husband for almost a year now. She keeps on spam-calling and texting even if she is blocked, she finds new numbers to keep doing so. Please take necessary action
  • Pursuit 20-01-2020
  • -5 Rating:
  • Eddie Doesnotli Name:
These people must be among the dumbest on the planet. they have been pestering me with investment talk for months on end . If I were interested in investment help, which I am not, this would be the last company I would use. They just don't seem to take no for an answer. Rating minus 100. At one point they started abusing me before I could say a word. What can be done about this?
  • Pursuit 15-01-2020
  • -2 Rating:
  • Roshan Chik Bar Name:
Sit no nahe mil raha ha
  • Pursuit 30-12-2019
  • -5 Rating:
  • Debs Name:
Nasty man (jewish family man by his own admission during one call) calling himself Bryan from Neasden. Cold calling for sex, rude, abusive, demanding, does not heed requests to stop calling. Calls multiple times a day hoping to reach me (never does now).
  • Pursuit 07-12-2019
  • 5 Rating:
  • Lilly Name:
I want to know the owner of this number

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